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National Policy on the Environment

National Policy on the Environment (DASN) has been established for continuous economic, social and cultural progress and enhancement of the quality of life of Malaysians through environmentally sound and sustainable development. The objectives of DASN are to achieve; (1) A clean environment, safe, healthy and productive environment for present and future generations, (2) Conservation of country’s unique and diverse cultural and natural heritage with effective participation by all sectors of society, and (3) Sustainable lifestyles and patterns of consumption and production.

There are eight (8) principles listed under DASN to harmonise economic development goals with environmental imperatives:

  1. Stewardship of the Environment
  2. Conservation of Nature’s Vitality and Diversity
  3. Continuous Improvement in the Quality of the Environment
  4. Sustainable Use of Natural Resources
  5. Integrated Decision-Making
  6. Role of the Private Sector
  7. Commitment and Accountability
  8. Active Participation in the International Community

DASN seeks to integrate environmental considerations into development activities and in all related decision-making processes, to foster long-term economic growth and human development, and to protect and enhance the environment. It complements and enhances the environmental dimensions of other national policies, such as those on forestry and industry, and takes cognizance of international conventions on global concerns.

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