Dasar Alam Sekitar Negara (DASN) has been established to continue economic, social and cultural progress as well as improve the quality of life of Malaysians through environmental well -being and sustainable development. The purpose of DASN is to achieve; (1) A clean, safe, healthy and productive environment for present and future generations, (2) Conservation of a unique and diverse culture and natural heritage with the effective participation of all sectors of society, and (3) Lifestyle, consumption patterns and sustainable production.

There are eight (8) principles under the DASN to harmonize the goals of economic development with the importance of the environment, namely:

  1. Environmental Monitoring
  2. Conservation of Resilience and Diversity of Nature
  3. Continuous Improvement of Environmental Quality
  4. Sustainable Use of Natural Resources
  5. Integrated Decision Making
  6. The Role of the Private Sector
  7. Commitment and Accountability
  8. Active Participation in the International Community

DASN aims to integrate environmental considerations into development activities and related decision -making processes, foster long -term economic growth and human progress, and to protect and improve the environment. It complements and adds to the environmental dimension contained in other national policies, such as forestry and industrial policies, and also takes into account international conventions of universal importance.