Department of Environment (DOE) is implementing a voluntary registration exercise for air pollution control (APC) consultants.  The consultants who are registered under this scheme will be listed on the DOE’s home page.  Starting 1.1. 2013 submissions from registered APC consultants only are accepted by the DOE.  No conditions are imposed for registration for 2012, but a prerequisite for registration is attendance to and passing an Induction Course which will be offered to APC consultants in August  2012.

In general, the Induction Course will cover the following areas:  legal framework, understanding Guidance Documents, submission requirements, performance monitoring, record keeping and performance education.  The purpose of the Induction Course is equip the consultants with the knowledge on legal and procedural requirements to better prepare themselves to discharge their responsibilities under the existing Clean Air Regulations 1978 (CAR) and the new  (proposed) CAR.

If you have any questions, please contact Nor A’zman Bin Rosli at

or Noor Suffianhadi Bin Ramly at

Director General DOE


13 January 2012

Download Form: Application Form Registration of Air Pollution Control Consultants