‘Approved Facility’ or Kemudahan Yang Dilluluskan (KYDL) means a facility or place approved by the Director General which is equipped with the necessary smokemeter and/or gaseous meter and trained personnel for carrying out any smoke and gaseous emission test from motor vehicles. The purpose of establishing the ‘Approved Facility’ are as follows :-

  • To prepare testing facilities to enable the vehicle owners/drivers to send their vehicles (petrol or diesel) for testing their exhaust emission (at their own cost). This would assist the vehicles owners / drivers to observe the level of their vehicle emission and its compliance to the environmental laws.
  • To enable corrective action be immediately taken on the vehicle engines to stop emitting excessive smoke/gaseous (to stop pollution the environment) .

Who should Apply?

Person/Company who own/operate:

  • Motor Vehicle Test Centre
  • Motor Vehicle Service Centre
  • Service Station ( Petrol Kiosks )
  • Motor Vehicle Workshop


Criteria for Obtaining Recognition as an Approved Facility

Motor Vehicle Test Centre / Service Centre/ Service Station / workshop that is equipped with:-

  • Smokemeter and/or CO & HC Analyzer.
  • Trained personnel processing the Certificate of Competency from Department of Environment (DOE)..

(Note : DOE will conduct training and issue the Certificate of Competency to trainees which have undergone the DOE training. Training is given upon applications)

‘Approved Facility’ Certificate would be issued to the applicants by DOE as a recognition to facilities which fulfill the stipulated criteria.

How to Apply

  • Applicants need to write in to DOE
  • Return the above Form to any of the DOE offices

(No charge or fees will be imposed in the processing of the above)


Benefits Obtained by the Applicant

  • Your Motor Vehicle Test Centre / Service Station / Workshop would be ‘ upgraded and recognized as an Approved Facility’ for conducting exhaust test from motor vehicles by the Department Of Environment Malaysia.
  • Department of Environment only recognizes vehicular emission test conducted by ‘APPROVED FACILITY’ in enforcing the environmental laws and regulations.