THE 34th MSJCE, 2022

The 34th Meeting of the Malaysia-Singapore Joint Committee on the Environment (MSJCE) was held in Malaysia on 22 November 2022.

The Meeting was co-chaired by Dato’ Seri Ir. Dr. Zaini and Ujang, Ketua Setiausaha, Ministry Environment and Water (KASA), Malaysia and Mr. Stanley Loh, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment (MSE), Singapore.

Mr. Wan Abdul Latiff Wan Jaffar, Director General of Environment, Malaysia as Co-Chair of the 18th Meeting of the Malaysia-Singapore Joint Committee Working Group, has reported the outcome of the meeting held on 26-27 July 2022 in Malaysia regarding environmental issues involving the Strait of Johor, pollution control actions and the environment quality such as motor vehicles, water quality in the waters of the Strait of Johor, management of chemicals and hazardous waste, and matters related to safety and cooperation in emergency management and pollution control of oil and chemical spills.

This meeting also involved the presence of delegations from the Ministry of Water Environment (KASA), Department of Environment (DOE) and 11 representatives of other agencies. This meeting also involved attendance from Singapore consisting of the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment, Singapore, National Environment Agency, Singapore and 4 other agencies from Singapore.