1. Formulating direction to strengthen the EIA mechanisms and procedures in Malaysia.
  2. Formulating direction to strengthen the development input mechanisms including for Exclusive Economic Zone EEZ inputs and Continental Shelf Act.
  3. Processing EIA Reports for the Second Schedule and the First Schedule involving more than one (1) state.
  4. Administer the Registration Scheme of Qualified Person under Section 33A (Environmental Auditor) and Section 34A(2) (EIA Consultant).
  5. Member of the Technical Committees of other agencies in providing input on project development.
  6. Member of the Technical Committees of other agencies for the formulation of policies, directions of sustainable development and conservation of biodiversity at the national level.
  7. Publish relevant guidelines for stakeholder’s reference in project development.
  8. Formulate, plan and transform EIA enforcement effectively.
  9. Monitor the implementation of EIA for projects in the Strait of Johor (SOJ) and projects under the Settlement of Agreement, 2005.
  10. Manage and update inventory related to EIA projects and EIA enforcement in Malaysia.
  11. Targets and Key Performance Index (KPI) for EIA Enforcement in Malaysia.
  12. Deliver expert advisory services for the implementation of integration sustainable development as a model/benchmark to investors (pre-planning) at the internal and national levels.