1. To plan, organize and coordinate environmental awareness programs involving the public, government agencies, the private sector, NGOs and industries such as National Environment Day (HASN) Earth Day, Langkawi Awards and others.
  2. Managing Environmental Partner programs and participation involving River Trail, Kudah (Plogging), Beach Cleaning, Tree Planting and Strategic Partner Initiatives programs.
  3. Enhancing and strengthening CEPA between DOE and stakeholders through media channels as a new norm approach and also managing social media as one of the delivery mediums. Webinar programs with various topics related to current issues also need to be planned and implemented including the Pocket Talk program and any virtual casual talk.
  4. Form and prepare montages, videos, infographics in conveying information to the public.
  5. To plan, manage, coordinate and implement environmental awareness and education programs in collaboration with KPM, DBP and related agencies such as Sekolah Lestari, Kampus Lestari, Environmental Debate, 3 Minute Environmental Thesis and preparation of Environmental Club Module.
  6. To plan and publish and disseminate information related to the environment and manage DOE resource centers. Among the publications that need to be implemented are EQR, Report, Annual, Compendium, Scientific Book, E-Bulletin, Green Tips Promotion Monday is English Speaking Day.
  7. Prepare budgets for international programs as well as coordinate bilateral, regional and international cooperation in consultations on environmental issues. Among the meetings managed were MEXCOE, NEHAP, MSJCE, AWGEE, ASOEN and any required input related to the environment such as APEC and FTAs.