In September 1969, at a conference in Seattle, Washington, U.S. Senators. Gaylord Nelson had announced that the spring of 1970 would hold a rally across the United States for the defense of the environment. Senator Nelson initially proposed a nationwide environmental protest. On April 22, 1970 it is said nearly 20 million Americans filled the park and auditorium. The first Earth Day also paved the way for the establishment of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA).

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22 each year by communities in 192 countries around the world. It began as a movement in the United States since the 1970s that aimed to raise awareness as well as involve public participation in efforts toward the preservation and conservation of the environment.

Earth Day will be celebrated for the 50th time on April 22, 2020. The theme of Earth Day 2020 is Action to Address Climate Change or “Climate Action”. The reduction and destruction of plant species and wild animal populations is related to human activities such as environmental pollution, agricultural activities and uncontrolled use of pesticides, deforestation, climate change as well as trafficking and poaching.

The goals of the Earth Day Network’s Climate Action campaign include:

  • Educate and raise public awareness on the extinction of millions of species and the causes and consequences of such extinction.
  • Build and activate global movements that embrace the nature and intrinsic values ​​of the environment.
  • Efforts towards achievement in terms of setting policies and policies that protect specific species around the world.