The CEPA program aims to foster awareness among the community at various levels in caring for and sustaining natural resource management. In line with the National Environmental Policy in the direction of national environmental management, this CEPA program can provide exposure to all levels of society on the importance of environmental care that is having clean air and clean water resources and a safe environment. In addition, the community at various levels are briefed on environmental legislation so that they can be the eyes and ears of the DOE on environmental pollution activities today which are full of challenges such as open burning, toxic waste disposal and so on.

This program is also held virtually by the DOE and implementing agencies during the effective period of PKP and VAT following the COVID-19 situation that hit the country. 

The objectives of this program are as follows: 

  • Communicate information on Environmental Law and environmental pollution activities, especially open burning through various program channels to all levels of society;
  • Deliver the message of banning open burning in peatlands and fire risk areas through implementation with various community activities;
  • Applying a feeling of accountability and ownership (ownership) to the local community on the peatland area of care often burned and environmental quality; and
  • Educate shared responsibility in the preservation and conservation of the environment for the well -being of future generations


i) The public/community;

ii) Secondary and Primary Schools;

iii) Peatland Communities (Farmers, Residents and nearby communities); and

iv) Indigenous Communities.