Overview of Malaysia-Singapore Joint Committee on the Environment (MSJCE)

MSJCE is a cooperation between Malaysia and Singapore on environmental management and protection.

MSJCE has served as a useful and affective platform for both Malaysia and Singapore for discussion environmental issues in the Straits of Johor (SOJ) that affect both countries.

  • Exchange information on and discuss matters affecting their respective environment in the Strait of Johor (SOJ).
  • Control on Vehicular Emissions.
  • Joint monitoring of Water Quality in the SOJ.
  • Monitoring of Ecology and Morphology around the SOJ.
  • Joint Emergency Response Plan for Chemical Spill at Malaysia-Singapore Second Crossing.
  • Joint Emergency Response Plan for Chemical Spill in the East Johor Strait.
  • Collaboration between Malaysia and Singapore in the Area of Oil Spill Prevention and Control in the SOJ.
  • Collaboration in training/ capacity building between Environment Institute of Malaysia (EIMAS) and Singapore Environment Institute (SEI).