National Environment Day


National Environment Day (NED) is a rebranding and improvement initiative made by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment from the organization of Malaysian Environment Week in previous years. The NED celebration on this special day aims to invite the whole community to celebrate the spirit of love for the environment. In addition, the celebration on a specific day compared to the Malaysian Environment Week celebration for one week before this is more reflective of the importance of caring for the environment at all times throughout the year.

Sambutan Minggu Alam Sekitar Malaysia (MASM) is an annual event that has been organized following the enactment of the Langkawi Declaration on the Environment on 21 October 1989. Since 1991, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (then Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment) through the Department Environment has planned and implemented various activities as an ongoing effort by the Government to inculcate and increase environmental awareness among the Malaysian community. MASM is celebrated annually from 21 to 27 October in conjunction with Malaysia Environment Day which falls on 21 October.

Based on the idea of ​​the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment in conjunction with MASM on 17 October 2015, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has agreed to brand Minggu Alam Sekitar Malaysia (MASM) as National Environment Day, NED (National Environment Day). The rebranding is intended so that the community can instill a high sense of love for the environment when it is known as `National Environment Day ‘. NED is organized simultaneously throughout the country with various filling activities such as Opening Ceremony, Envirowalk/Envirorun/Enviroride/Envirohunt/Envirohill, Exhibition of New Material Design Competition From Waste, Health Inspection, Free Vehicle Inspection and Vehicle Smoke Emission Test, nature exhibition around and so on.

The NED celebration targets various levels of society such as kindergarten children, schools, institutions of higher learning (IPT), non-governmental organizations (NGOs), local communities, government and private agencies, industry and the general public.

OBJECTIVE NED (National Environment Day)

  • Promote environmental education and awareness widely
  • To provide a `platform’ for Malaysians to appreciate the environment together
  • Recognize those who have made contributions and services to the preservation and conservation of the environment
  • Foster awareness among the community especially in the preservation and conservation of the environment