Hydrofluorocarbon  (HFC) imports and exports are  controlled by the Government of Malaysia through the permit method (Approval Permit) which is regulated by the Department of Environment (DOE) Malaysia.

Importers and exporters of materials containing HFCs are  required  to register with the Department of the Environment. Among the ingredients that contain HFC are:

  • Refrigerant material (HFC-32, HFC-134a, HFC-143, HFC-404A, HFC-407C, HFC-410A, HFC-417A, HFC-507, HFC-508A)
  • Expander Material (HFC-245fa)
  • Fire Extinguishing Agents (HFC-227ea, HFC-23, HFC-125)
  • Solvent Agents (HFC-43-10mee)

The registration form can be downloaded as below. Failure to register will affect the chances of obtaining import and export permits for materials containing HFCs. All applications must be sent to:

Ozone Protection Section
Department of Environment
Ministry of Environment and Water
Podium 3, Wisma Sumber Asli, 25 Persiaran Perdana, 62574 Putrajaya.
Telephone: 03-8871 2000
Fax: 03-8888 4151
Email: amy@doe.gov.my/ khairani@doe.gov.my

Hydrofluorocarbon Importer & Exporter Registration Form .

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