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Kursus Induksi EIA



This  induction  module  for  EIA  Consultants  has  been  developed  with  the  intention  to guide EIA Consultants to:

  • Undertake EIA in a manner that helps in project planning
  • Prepare   EIA   reports   that   meet   the   expectations   and   requirements   of   the Department of Environment (DOE) and other stakeholders.

This  induction  module  is  not intended  to  teach  Consultants  how  to  carry  out  EIAs. Registered  EIA  Consultants  are  already  supposed  to  know  the  fundamentals  and techniques in EIA.

All registered EIA Consultants, Subject Consultants and EIA Assistant are required to attend this two-day training and pass the examination at the end of the training.

Attendance  of  the  training  course  and  a  pass  in  the  assessment  is  necessary  for Registered  Consultants  to  renew  their  registration  and  for  new  applicants  seeking registration. As of 1st of January 2010, new application must be submitted together with the examination certificate from this course.

For details on date, training venue and application form, please refer to https://www.doe.gov.my/eimas

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