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National Survey Of Non-Ods Alternatives

The Department of Environment Malaysia, with the support of the World Bank, is conducting a survey on the use of HFCs and non-ODS alternatives in the country. The survey is in conjunction with Malaysia’s preparation to ratify the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol to phase-down HFCs which contribute to global climate change. The survey findings will be applied to develop a national inventory of HFCs that are imported, used and banked in Malaysia and to estimate the current and projected levels of use of HFCs and other new non-ODS alternatives. Accurate data from the survey is needed to enable the government to formulate policies, strategies and programmes to minimize the impacts of HFC phase-down on Malaysian businesses and operations. This includes the identification of relevant strategies to address the need for financial and technological assistance to adapt to the phase-down of HFCs and the identification of alternatives.

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