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Headquarters (HQ) Division

Administrative and Finance

Objective & Function

  1. To render support services by providing equipment and management system.
  2. To assist improvement of the management system in the department
  3. To plan, manage and control finance and accounts.
  4. To manage and control the management budget as well as development budget.
  5. To plan, manage and monitor human resource matters as well as training needs.
  6. To plan and manage matters pertaining to staffing

Enforcement Division

Objective & Function

  1. To enhance and strengthen enforcement procedures and actions to ensure quality and professional enforcement outputs thereby uplifting the image of the Department of Environment as an enforcement agency with integrity.

Assessment Division

Objective & Function

  1. Administer Section 34A, Environmental Quality Act, 1974 and Enironmental Quality (Prescribed Activities (Environmental Impact Assessment) Order, 1987.
  2. Assess the environmental impact studies for development projects categorized as Prescribed Activities.
  3. Formulate and review relevant policies, guideline, procedures and checklists.
  4. Provide inputs on environment and advise agencies on the implementation for development planning.

Hazardous Substances Division

Objective & Function

  1. To plan and implement strategies to manage hazardous substances and hazardous wastes.
  2. To legislate regulations, guidelines and Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) on hazardous substances, scheduled wastes and pollution of the soil.
  3. To implement and comply towards international conventions obligations on hazardous substances and hazardous wastes.
  4. To control licensing on treatment and disposal of scheduled wastes.
  5. To coordinate operations on management of illegal dumping on scheduled wastes.
  6. To plan and implement framework to manage pollution of the soil.
  7. To plan, manage and control Environmental Hazardous Substances (EHS).

Water & Marine Division

Objective & Function

  1. To determine visions and policies related to inland and marine water conservation and pollution control strategies as stipulated under the requirement of the National Water Resources Policy, the Environmental Quality Act, 1974 and to fulfil the national obligations to the prevailing Agreement / Treaty / Conventions.
  2. To conduct high-impact programs / activities related to prevention and conservation of inland water, groundwater and marine environment.
  3. To set up enforcement strategies for marine pollution protection as set out in the Act in particular to address incidents of oil spill at sea.
  4. To oversee the operation of the National Environmental Quality Monitoring Program (EQMP) towards achieving clean nation status and sustainable development.
  5. To analyse the status of inland and marine water as an input to development planning and to strategize enforcement actions against inland and marine pollutions.
  6. To implement continuous improvement in public delivery system by means of Quality Driven Improvement Initiatives (QDI2) as to ensure no obsolete procedures and to conform to Department’s Client Charter.
  7. To oversee the implementation of development projects under the Malaysia Five Year Plan towards sustainable water resources management and marine environment.
  8. To represent the country at regional and international negotiations relating to the Agreement / Treaty / Conventions on marine environment such as the ASEAN Working Group on Coastal & Marine Environment (AWGCME).

Strategic Communication Division

Objective & Function

  1. To increase and strengthen an environmental awareness communication between our Department and society.
  2. Published and disseminate to environmental information Strengthen bilateral, regional and international cooperation in environmental management.
  3. As a Focal Point for agencies and international bodies on environment.
  4. Plan, organize and coordinate education & environmental awareness programmes among students.
  5. Plan, organize and coordinate education & environmental awareness programmes among the public and industries.

Air Division

Objective & Function

  1. To formulate National Air Quality Network for monitoring of air quality status throughout Malaysia.
  2. To monitor the implementation of air monitoring privatization programme.
  3. To identify, coordinate and implement studies on air quality, noise, vibration and control of air pollution sources.
  4. To update database on inventory of air pollution sources.
  5. To formulate policies / legislation strategies and programmes on:
    • Control of air pollution point sources.
    • Control of air pollution on mobile sources.
    • Control and phase out of Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS).
    • Control of environmental noise and vibration pollution.

Information Technology Division

Objective & Function

  1. Planning for DOE Information System.
  2. Plan, develop, implementation and maintenance of DOE system application.
  3. Manage DOE’s ICT Infrastructure.
  4. Manage DOE’s Database System.
  5. Manage DOE ICT Culture.
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