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The main function of the DOE is to prevent, eliminate, control pollution and improve the environment, consistent with the purposes of the Environmental Quality Act 1974 and the regulations there under DOE is also responsible for the implementation of the resolutions decided by the conventions of the international environment such as Vienna Convention for the protection of the Ozone Layer 1985, Montreal Protocol on Substances That Deplete the Ozone Layer, 1987, the Basel Convention on the Transboundary Movement of Hazardous Waste and Their Disposal Act 1989 and other areas while the success of programs of bilateral cooperation and multilateral cooperation between Indonesia, Singapore and other ASEAN countries on environmental management. Core services implemented by the DOE Headquarters Divisions, states and branches as follows:

Main Function of the Enforcement Division Headquarters

  • To develop strategy and direction of the enforcement action and compliance targets for stationary sources premises and mobile sources.
  • To manage and handle cases of environmental pollution complaints.
  • To manage and analyze data related to enforcement action.
  • To plan, develop and implement an audit program investigating officers to the DOE.
  • To plan, develop and implement the compliance audit program the subject premises under the Environmental Quality Act 1974 (EQA).

Primary Function of the Air Division Headquarters

The main function is to ensure that air quality is kept clean and preserved for the people.

Primary Function of the Water and Marine Division Headquarters

To monitor the enforcement program and control of marine pollution oil spill; regulate and monitor water quality monitoring program, groundwater and marine monitoring data management and reporting; implement and monitor river research and prevention programs inland water pollution control (including stationary sources and causes of non-permanent), and manage the affairs of the foreign relations of the preservation of the marine environment.

Primary Function of the Hazardous Substances Division Headquarters

  • Planning and implementing management strategies substance / hazardous waste.
  • Formulate regulations, guidelines, and Standard Operations Procedure (SOP) of wastes / hazardous substances and contaminated soil.
  • Implement and comply with the International Convention on the material / hazardous waste.
  • Regulating the treatment and disposal license wastes.
  • Coordinate operations management actions illegal disposal of wastes.
  • Planning and implementation of contaminated land management.
  • To plan, manage and control the EHS.

Primary Function of the Assessment Division Headquarters

Implement laws relating to Section 34A of the Environmental Quality Act 1974 and the Environmental Quality (Prescribed Activities) (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 1987.

Primary Function of Environmental Awareness and Education Planning Division Headquarters

To identify and develop strategies and methods of environmental awareness and promotion programs that effectively to the public, industry, youth, women, NGOs and Workers Association.

Primary Function of EiMAS Including the Green Industry Unit

To Identify the needs design and implement training programs in the Department agencies as well as the industry.

Primary Function of DOE States Offices

  • Implement the enforcement program EQA 1974 and the regulations promulgated thereunder.
  • To conserve and enhance the quality of the environment.
  • Monitoring and control of air pollution from factories, vehicles and open burning.
  • To provide advice to developers development.
  • To provide input and advice to the State Government and local authorities in the planning of development projects.
  • To carry out an investigation into alleged environmental contamination.
  • Processing of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).
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