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NCFCP: Refrigeration Service Sector (RSS)

Certification of Service Technicians

CFC 12 (R-12) is a refrigerant used in commercial refrigeration. The refrigerant has been identified under the Montreal Protocol as one of the ozone depleting substances (ODS) that deplete the ozone layer. As a party to the Montreal Protocol, Malaysia has committed to gradually reduce and phase out of R-12 by 2010.

To fulfill this international commitment, the Department of Environment (DOE) has received a grant funding from the Multilateral Fund (MLF) of the Montreal Protocol to implement programme on training and certification of Refrigeration Service Sector (RSS). The programme will be supervised by the World Bank as the Implementing Agency of MLF.

Under this project, DOE has established Authorized Training Centers (ATC)  in providing training and certification programme to the RSS service workshops nationwide. The ATCs are responsible to provide the RSS service workshops with the necessary technical knowledge concerning the phasing-out of this refrigerant.

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