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Malaysia HPMP Book – Final (R4-1) new

Malaysia HPMP Book – Final (R4-1) part1 Malaysia HPMP Book – Final (R4-1) part2

Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Now! A Guide for Business Owners

Climate Change Brochure

Proactive Steps to Handle Haze

Malaysia’s Hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) Phase-Out Management Plan (HPMP) Stage-1 (2012-2016)

Guidelines for the Protection of Employees Against the Effects of Haze at Workplaces

General Information of Air Pollutant Index

Info On Carbon Tetrachlorida


Ground Water Quality Status

The Planning Guidelines For Environmental Noise Limits and Control

Guidelines For Noise Labeling and Emission Limits of Outdoor Sources

NCFCP: Mobile Air Conditioning Sector

What Is In Your Mobile Air-Conditioner? CFC 12 is the chemical use in the mobile air-conditioner (MAC) as refrigerant. It is also known commercially as R12 or FREON gas. Generally, CFC 12 is released into the atmosphere before the service for MAC is carried out. When CFC Will Be Phased Out? All developed countries stopped […]

The Planning Guidelines For Vibration Limits and Control in the Environment

NCFCP: Refrigeration Service Sector (RSS)

Certification of Service Technicians CFC 12 (R-12) is a refrigerant used in commercial refrigeration. The refrigerant has been identified under the Montreal Protocol as one of the ozone depleting substances (ODS) that deplete the ozone layer. As a party to the Montreal Protocol, Malaysia has committed to gradually reduce and phase out of R-12 by […]

Environmental Quality (Refrigerant Management) Regulations 1999

ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY ACT 1974 ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY (REFRIGERANT MANAGEMENT) REGULATIONS 1999, (Amendment) REGULATIONS 2004  . REGULATION 3 : Application These regulations shall apply to a person handling a refrigerant environmentally hazardous substance in an existing or a new installation. REGULATION 4 : Prohibition on the use of refrigerant environmentally hazardous substance The use of refrigerant environmentally […]

Refrigerant Management Enforcement Program

Refrigerant Management Enforcement Programme on the Mobile Air Conditioning Service Workshops has been carried out since February 2007. Workshops which were found in non-compliance with the Environmental Quality (Refrigerant Management) Regulations 1999 and Environmental Quality (Refrigerant Management) (Amendment) Regulations 2004 under the Environmental Quality Act 1974, were issued warning notices. Failure to comply to these […]

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