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Air Quality Info

VTA Application Guideline For Motorcycles

Guidelines Application For Motorcycle Exhaust Emission And Noise Emission Type Approval

Chronology of Haze Episodes in Malaysia

New Smoke Emission Limit For Diesel Vehicles Entering Singarore

Proactive Steps to Handle Haze

Guidelines for the Protection of Employees Against the Effects of Haze at Workplaces

General Information of Air Pollutant Index

Approved Facility

‘Approved Facility’ or Kemudahan Yang Dilluluskan (KYDL) means a facility or place approved by the Director General which is equipped with the necessary smokemeter and/or gaseous meter and trained personnel for carrying out any smoke and gaseous emission test from motor vehicles. The purpose of establishing the ‘Approved Facility’ are as follows :- To prepare testing […]

Prohibition of Open Burning

Haze Air Pollution Phenomena

Indoor Air Quality

Air Quality

Air Quality Standards

Air Pollutant Index (API)

The ambient air quality measurement in Malaysia is described in terms of Air Pollutant Index (API). The API is developed in easily understood ranges of values as a means of reporting the quality of air instead of using the actual concentration of air pollutants. This index also reflects its effect on human health ranging from […]

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