Operation Combat

DOE in 2020 has taken a high-impact initiative by carrying out Operation Combat, which is a targeted enforcement operation on premises subject to Act 127 on a large scale. It aims to enhance enforcement 127 in an effort to address environmental pollution issues that can affect the quality of the environment and the well-being of society. This operation is also carried out to prevent cases of water pollution that can cause the stoppage of water supply plants.

These operations have been carried out throughout the Country on a regular basis. The program is also conducted in an integrated manner with the direct involvement of various relevant enforcement agencies according to their respective jurisdictions to further enhance the effectiveness of enforcement on the premises.

Through this Combat Operation, the selection of enforcement is given priority to the premises or sources of pollution especially those that meet the following criteria:

  1. located upstream of the water intake point;
  2. operation of premises that receive frequent complaints;
  3. premises that produce high pollutant loads;
  4. problematic premises and often subject to enforcement action;
  5. premises licensed by DOE;
  6. premises produce scheduled waste in high quantities; or
  7. premises located in areas with environmental issues.

In 2020, DOE conducted 114 Operations nationwide involving 4,050 premises from various types of industries. A total of 6,719 enforcement actions under Act 127 were taken on premises that failed to comply with the provisions of the Act which also involved 4,999 compounds and 58 preparation of investigation papers for court action.