Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a study to identify, predict, evaluate and communicate information about the impacts on the environment of a proposed project and to detail out the mitigating measures prior to project approval and implementation

Notice 3/2011 – Executive Summary

NOTICE 3/ 2011 : 18 OCTOBER 2011



Dear Sir/ Madam,

Please be informed of the following :

1. As of 18 October 2011, The Executive Summary (as a ‘stand alone’ document), in addition to summarizing the main findings and issues, must also contain the following:

  • Name/title of Project
  • Name & Contact Details  of the Project Proponent (Contact Person, Address, Tel, Fax, E mail)
  • Name of the EIA Consultant (firm) & Contact Person ( Address, Tel, Fax, E mail)
  • Location of the project (including where applicable, coordinates, lot numbers, mukim and district name)
  • Relevant maps showing project location and sensitive receptors
  • Flow diagram of main processes (for industrial and other relevant activities)

2.  The requirements stated in (i) are also applicable to the SOFT COPY version of Executive Summary to be submitted to the DOE HQ (EIA Secretariat).


Thank you,


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