Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a study to identify, predict, evaluate and communicate information about the impacts on the environment of a proposed project and to detail out the mitigating measures prior to project approval and implementation

Qualified Persons

An EIA study shall only be carried out by a team of Qualified Persons who hold a valid registration with the DOE as stipulated under Section 34A (2B) of the EQA 1974 (Amendment) 2012. The Qualified Persons are commonly referred to as the EIA Consultants. The EIA team shall comprise professionals (qualified persons) who are competent and experienced in the technical fields relevant to the EIA study. The team shall be led and supervised by a team leader who shall be responsible for coordinating the EIA study and for ensuring the EIA Report to be written is complete, clear, coherent, balanced, and impartial and is useful for decision making process.

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