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Agenda Yahudi Menakluki Dunia


Mengupas tentang perancangan sulit bangsa Yahudi dalam merealisasikan agenda menakluk dunia. Mereka bercita-cita menubuhkan sebuah kerajaan Yahudi yang memerintah seluruh pelusuk dunia. Penglibatan bangsa Yahudi turut dilihat dalam beberapa siri peristiwa besar yang terjadi pada hari ini. Antara isu yang menarik adalah # Sejarah ringkas bangsa Yahudi # Era baharu bangsa Yahudi di Amerika Syarikat # Pengaruh Yahudi dalam White House # Peristiwa penting tentang penglibatan Yahudi dalam kekecohan dunia # Matlamat akhir bangsa Yahudi dalam menakluk dunia.
Turut dimuatkan 24 Protokol yang menjadi panduan dalam tindakan merangka penubuhan ‘Kerajaan Yahudi Antarabangsa’ yang memerintah bumi. “Pasti kamu akan dapati, orang yang paling kuat penentangannya terhadap orang yang beriman adalah orang Yahudi dan orang yang menyekutukan Allah…” (surah al-Ma’idah: 82)

Air Pollution

In recent years our environment has been dealt with on a very serious level. Today’s generation has demanded that something be done to preserve our environment. They are speaking out and asking countless questions. In many ways the environment has been damaged beyond repair. The focus is on repairing and preserving what remains. The physical aspects of air pollution and its effect on society is the theme of this units.

Aspects of Air Pollution


Today the majority of the people in industrialized countries live in cities, and in emerging nations, industrial expansion and urban growth are seen as keys to prosperity . in recent year, however, the converging forces of population, urbanization, technology, and environment have come into serious conflict.

Blue Ocean Strategy

In the book the authors draw the attention of their readers towards the correlation of success stories across industries and the formulation of strategies that provide a solid base create unconventional success – a strategy termed as “Blue Ocean Strategy”. Unlike the “Red Ocean Strategy”, the conventional approach to business of beating competition derived from the military organization, the “Blue Ocean Strategy” tries to align innovation with utility, price and cost positions. The book mocks at the phenomena of conventional choice between product/service differentiation and lower cost, but rather suggests that both differentiation and lower costs are achievable simultaneously

Capturing Globalization

This collection reveals how issues such as religion, private capital flows, poverty, the state and democracy, transnational class structures, disruptions in culture and new patterns in the use of language are part of the globalization process