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Course on Certified Erosion, Sediment and Storm Water Inspector (CESSWI)

With high intensity of rainfall, soil erosion is a natural and common process in Malaysia. However, development activities have escalated this problem by vast deforestation and disturbance of highland area. The significant impacts of soil erosion include water pollution, loss of biodiversity and overall obstruction of scenic view. These impacts intensify if no proper erosion and sediment BMPs are implemented on site. In order to tackle this issue, training of experts on ESCP design is important. However, individuals responsible for implementation (the inspectors and contractors specifically) should also be taken on board for professional training. Thus, CESSWI with high level of prestige it conveys, provide training and certification to qualified individuals in order to inspect sites for compliance.

EnviroCert International, Inc. (USA) is recognized internationally as a certification body for professionals in the erosion and sediment control, and storm water quality industries. With over 25 years of certification experience, EnviroCert International, Inc. takes pride in offering the CESSWI program. Other EnviroCert International, Inc. certification programs include the Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control™ (CPESC) and the Certified Professional in Storm Water Quality™ (CPSWQ).

 Entry Requirement

  1. A degree in science or engineering related fields of study.
  2. Applicants must demonstrate an ability to read ESCP, observe, evaluate, and synthesize information and to report appropriate findings in a clear, logical manner.

* Acceptance to this course is subject to approval by Application Review Committee of CESSWI.

 Who should attend

All individuals involved in implementation and inspection of erosion and sediment BMPs, e.g. Environmental Auditors, Consultants, Contractors & Government Officials.

Course Methodology

Duration of course is 5 days include 1 day for examination. All classes and examinations will be conducted in English.


  1. Demonstrates proficiency in the erosion, sediment and storm water inspection
  2. Enhances your technical and professional credibility
  3. Increases personal and company value, recognition and marketability
  4. Encourages greater commitment and personal career growth
  5. Satisfies the qualified person requirement in Environmental Audit by DOE, Malaysia



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